Tuesday, 20 December 2011

“Implements” Keyword, Interface – Class in VBA

Recently I was puzzled with a question about the levels of Object oriented structure can VBA support?
Suddenly my thoughts shifted to the key word I was always suspicious about but didn’t found time to explore. This post is all about key word “Implements” in VBA.

Learning about “Implements” in the context of VBA I am quite amazed about its potential. This keyword is used in conjunction to provide the interface-class implementation structure to VBA.
The code in the attached file is separated into 3 class objects (out of which 2 are implementation of the 1 interface) and 1 module object to illustrate the usage.

Code Explanation:
The attached file along with this post creates the following VBA structure:
1. IHuman (Interface)
2. clsMan (Class implementing IHuman)
3. clsWomen (Class implementing IHuman)
4. modTest (Module illustrating the usage of the class/interface)

The code also illustrates the additional method defined in the implementing classes and their usage patterns. Please explore the attached file VBA for the entire code.


Download Solution
Download solution

Link: http://www.vbi.org/Items/article.asp?id=78

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Unknown said...

Hi, can it be used to implement external interfaces? -thx!