Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Art on excel...Charts..

Tired of numbers ..
Wish for some artistic side of excel...

Peek on to a new world of art on excel...
The sample files for the sketched art are located at the following link.
Download Solution
Excel Art Sample

The tool for sketching your creativity is located at the following link.
Download Solution
Excel Art Tool

This project bring the fines lines of chart to art in excel.. Have a quick peek and get creative.
This is brilliant example designed by anonymous excel power user in C++ where the tools maps the image points as the user sketechs the line and translated them over to excel as numbers stroed within a CSV file.

Some of the brilliant example screenshots are illustrated, including the control panel screen shot for the real time image sketching as follows:

Excel Power Tools: Turbo Charge Your Processing Power

Recently i have completed my first phase of an excel addin tool for the most general day to day purpose utility.
The commonly used functionality desired by analyst and business solutions is featured in this addin. This addin is mainly focused on improving the user efficiency, power and creativty.

Some of the key highlights of this tool are

1. Google Charts
2.Google Translation (via UDF)
3.Named Range Functionality and navigation
4. SQL/Access Intellisense
5. Generic quick sort implementation as UDF for tables maintining relative column.
6. Range/Chart export as image
7. Workbook Name Navigator
8. Calender
9. Automated Formula Replacer
10. Visual Audit Tool for Formula Extension
11. Range Concatenation

and tons of more features to get you excited and highly simplified and organised design for the users to load on the future functional implemntations...

Link to Addin:

Download Solution
Download solution

I look forward to your comment and future suggestions for the added functionalities.

Addin Screenshots:

Intialize your Array... (No Loops)

Many Many Codes so far use loops to process, loops to intialize and loops to output... No Harm except the wasted time of user and effort of pc..

In order to overcome this issue i have came across one of the great solutions which had always thought of to practise in VBA is to intialize an array using a single line decalaration and with out loops to a defualt value may be even a string...

The following solutions of mine following illustrates my point.

Sub Demo()
Dim M() As Variant
'This will intialize your array with "-"
M = [if(isnumber(ROW(A1:J10)),"-",99)]
'This will intialize your array with integer value 5
End Sub

Check this excitng code out and gain the advantege of being a smart programmer ....