Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Filter Unique items list in VBA

Many times I have been presented with this challenge to extract a unique item list from a pre-defined array containing non unique items.
For the purposes I tend to use a collection object in VBA and use its “key” element to uniquely identify my items being added to the collection and extracting it back to another unique array.

This functionality should be implemented as function, its a subroutine only for illustration purposes.
Sub uniqueItems()

    Dim repArray(10) As Integer
    Dim unqColl As Collection
    Dim unqArray() As Integer
    Dim iCount As Integer

    '--Allocate repArray
    repArray(0) = 2
    repArray(1) = 2
    repArray(2) = 2
    repArray(3) = 2
    repArray(4) = 2
    repArray(5) = 2
    repArray(6) = 2
    repArray(7) = 2
    repArray(8) = 2
    repArray(9) = 2
    repArray(10) = 20

    '--Filtering via Collection
    Set unqColl = New Collection

    On Error Resume Next
    For iCount = 0 To UBound(repArray)
        '--The identifying key has to be string
        unqColl.Add repArray(iCount), CStr(repArray(iCount))
        '--In case of refrential object variables can also use VarPtr for idnetifying unique address
    Next iCount
    On Error GoTo 0

    '--Resize the unique array based upon the unique items in the collection
    ReDim unqArray(unqColl.Count - 1) As Integer
    '--Populate the unique array
    For iCount = 0 To (unqColl.Count - 1)
        unqArray(iCount) = unqColl(iCount + 1)
    Next iCount

    '--unqArray Content
    'unqArray(0) = 2
    'unqArray(1) = 20

    '--Free up the space
    Set unqColl = Nothing
    Erase repArray
    Erase unqArray

End Sub

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nickledeg said...

Hi. You should try this using a dictionary object instead. Its Exists() function can be used in place of the on error. You can extract values using Keys property. Dictionaries are faster than collections. You should also check out the mscorlib.dll. This can be referenced in vba. It is allows you to access all of .Nets non generic collection objects such as Stack, Queue, ArrayList anx SortedList