Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Meeting Roomss... Lets book them - Outlook Meeting Room Finder

Hi today i would like to introduce to a very handy tool which me and my office personnel's are quite linking.
Recently i joined my new office and its quite beautiful, but i soon found big beautiful things have some problems which VBA can solve in many times. 

The issue is we have 20-30 meeting rooms in the office and they all can be booked via sending the appointment item to a certain patterned email address each unique for individual meeting room's.

To cut short the story this tool analyses all the meeting room's shared calender selected on the basis of the patterned email address assigned to each one of them. And it collate a list scanning those shared calenders illustrating the time periods between which the required time slot (duration input by user in mins) can be booked and in which meeting room the appointment can be booked.

This entire code is written in VBA within outlook. Give this handy tool a check and alter it to your requirements and make it work for you so that you are never late in you next appointment.

Also the code includes a feature for minimizing the user form in VBA.

Download Solution
Download solution

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